What we do on wednesdays

At Vision, we are committed to BEING the church, not just going to church.  Each Wednesday of the month is specifically designed to be active with our local body and with our families.  Discipleship is key on Wednesday nights. There is no formal service on Wednesday nights, as adults are encouraged to get connected in a LifeGroup. We do have a LifeGroup that currently meets at Vision on Wednesday nights.

Kidz Life (K-5th grade)

We believe that God’s Word is true and that it is vital to our lives. We also believe that learning God’s Word can be fun! That’s what Truth Seekers is all about–Kids discovering the truth of God’s Word, applying it to life, and having fun with other kids at the same time.  Your children will worship the Lord through fun, , learn the Word of God taught in ways they can understand, play great group games together, and work together with a team of kids to learn God’s word through Bible Skills, Thrills, and Drills.

Life Groups

Vision Students (6-12th grade)

Our goal is to help families do what they do better than anyone else: instill a rich and full sense of Christian identity in their children, and equip them to be the Church in the world.  We are engaged in service, Bible study, and other opportunities for growth in a safe and fun community of peers and caring adults. We work hard to stay connected with students through formal and informal programs of the Church, as well as provide comforts of a spiritual home for students as they grow in their faith.


We have several life groups that meet at Vision on Wednesday nights.  We believe that if we are providing opportunities for children, then it makes sense to have opportunities for adults as well.  During a Wednesday night LifeGroup, you will spend time in community growing together and growing in Christ.  This is a great opportunity for you to connect with others in the church, while enjoying building relationships that last.
Our worship center is open every Wednesday night beginning at 6:30pm.  Anyone needing prayer or wanting to pray is welcome to come and spend some time in prayer.  This is a great opportunity for you to worship God and extend prayer on behalf of you or those you care for.  We believe the church should be a place of prayer, so we want to provide a time intentionally to do so.  Please submit prayer requests on our app or online.