The second part of the mission of Vision is to LOVE PEOPLE.  We do this primarily in two ways at Vision - through serving and through joining a LifeGroup.  Jesus taught that they greatest way to love others is by serving them.  you can do this in one of our worship gatherings or, more importantly, in the communities where God has placed you.

Joining a LifeGroup is a key component of how we make disciples at Vision.  We were created from community (Father, Son, & Holy Spirit) and for community with others.  In your LifeGroup, you will spend time with other people who are looking for the same things you are - friendships and community.  You will grow closer together but also, through prayer, studying, and serving, you will grow closer to God.

serve on our dream team

There are so many opportunities for you to begin serving at Vision.  And it's not restricted to just Sundays or a particular person.  You tell us where you feel like your strengths and abilities are, and we will sync you up with that ministry leader.  Click below to learn more about serving and help be part of a kingdom-impacting church!

Join a lifegroup

We believe spiritual growth is vitally important and we challenge every person to do life together with other believers in a LifeGroup.   A LifeGroup is a biblical community where people can feel welcome and accepted (BELONG), encounter Christ and His Word (BELIEVE), and make disciples and group multipliers (BECOME).